The customer experience, and how to enhance it.

The customer experience, and how to enhance it.

One of the biggest challenges for rental companies around the world is getting more customers to their company. Inevitably that means bringing more renters to the rental counters, or finding solutions for speeding up the rental process away from the counter, like Thermeon’s qBuster app.

The dilemma remains though – once the customer is at your counter, how to get through the process as fast as possible, while providing a proper level of customer service and selling the items you want to. And do these while maintaining good, correct, data about your renter ensuring as best you can they are who they say they are.

One way of speeding up the process time at the counter is using the existing renter database in CARS+. Three checks are made to see if the renter has rented before – and if so, to present that valuable and time-saving information on screen.

Entering the customer’s name at the start of the transaction – either keying this in or swiping the credit card or (in some countries) the driving licence – will automatically start a Reservation search. After that CARS+ will start a Customer file search, It will search again when the driving licence is entered and also when a credit card is keyed in. CARS+ wants the user to find that existing record – in one hit you speed up the rental process (less to type in), enhance customer service by recognising a returning customer (those “welcome back” words that mean so much to most renters) and improve business security by demonstrating to renters that your users and your system are doing checks.

Messages can be popped on screen to advise the user how many times the renter has used your company before and when the last time was they rented. In addition, other information can display – class of vehicle used and previous rate information and automatically apply a liability reduction option.

The security benefit is obviously the system looking at the customer record selected and flagging this to the user with a Do Not Rent message. Ensuring users do not skip past the renter search items which can be risky. Assuming the renter is good to rent – loading all that address and other information saves the rental staff so much time and adds to the customer experience – for no cost!

The ability to enter data from credit cards and certain driving licences (and potentially other forms of ID – passport, work ID etc.) directly into CARS+ requires some additional and specific swipe or scanner hardware at the rental counter. These can be very straightforward to implement and very reliable. The benefits again include a faster process, but also increased accuracy even in the event of new customer information being created the data comes directly from the credit card or licence or id.

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