Case study: Ezi Car Rental is taking happy customers into the future

Ezi Car Rental is taking happy customers into the future
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Case study: Ezi Car Rental is taking happy customers into the future

Ezi Car Rental is the largest independent car rental operator in New Zealand with six locations around the country.

The company is known for prompt and reliable service with consistently good online reviews that comment on their value for money, friendly staff and efficient service.

Their proposition is simple – “we aim to provide the very best vehicles, for the very best value, with the very best service.”

They’re focused on providing customer service that is friendly, efficient and uncomplicated, and their technology platforms make this possible.

Ezi Car Rental has over 3500 vehicles of all types. They have been using CARS+ since 2013 after evaluating several car rental management platforms and choosing CARS+ for its comprehensive features.

Where Ezi Car Rental needed improvements

Ezi Car Rental were clear about their priorities for a new rental platform – they required extensive capabilities in:

  1. Vehicle availability – to access live and up to date information on the vehicles available at any given location.
  2. Rates management – to maintain competitive prices for their customers in a very competitive marketplace while still maximising their profits.
  3. User permissions – allowing specific user permissions to the data empowers the team to make decisions and help their customer efficiently.
  4. Fleet management – details available for each car from every location, including service and maintenance records, registration status and more.

Complicated booking processes will often mean potential customers losing patience and often, jumping to competitors. CARS+webRES will allow your customers to book easily and increase the likelihood of them booking with you directly in the future.


The products chosen

Ezi Car Rental chose CARS+ mainly because of the sophisticated way it manages vehicle availability.

Car rental transactions are fast and need to be efficient. People want to hop off their planes and almost walk straight into their car. The competition is getting more intense to provide a seamless and efficient service, at competitive prices.

With the stock availability features of CARS+, cars don’t get overbooked. The staff know everything they need to know about their fleet and the system ensures that the cars are at the right places at the right time with the right number of vehicles on hand. This eliminates overbooking of cars that don’t exist.

CARS+ handles vehicle availability exceptionally well while other systems don’t have the same level of technical capability. No other system provides the availability management and fleet management they way CARS+ does. Alienor Izri, Revenue Manager, Ezi Car Rental

Being able to fully trust the technology to provide up to date and live data gives staff the confidence that they’re selling what they actually have and won’t let their customer down. They’re also able to effectively plan ahead for busy periods.

Fleet management was another essential feature. Staff need easy access to information about each of their vehicles. CARS+ Fleet Management gives each staff member with the right user access the ability to add all details about each vehicle – history, price of purchase, service record, maintenance needs, registration status, insurance premiums. All the costs about each car are known and available so that staff are able to make decisions to keep the fleet up to date and in excellent condition at all times, from whatever location they’re in.

With increasing competition in the industry, prices must remain competitive while still maintaining company profits. With a flexible and sophisticated rates management feature, Ezi Car Rental staff can provide the most competitive rates at any point in time.

Each office needs different user permissions for staff depending on their experience and role in the office. Each manager, counter staff and duty managers have access to information that helps them make the right decisions on the spot and with confidence the data they’re working with is accurate.

What benefits is the business seeing today?

Staff are more empowered to make decisions and their work satisfaction is increased

The staff at Ezi Car Rental are more satisfied, knowing they’re trusted to make decisions that help their customer. They’re empowered to offer discounts, amend rates or change classes within parameters that have been set by the business. Staff are never blind, everything they need to know is in the system.

Easy integration to third party brokers and aggregators with sophisticated API’s

Ezi Car Rental easily integrate their system with their brokers and other third party platforms. CARS+ supports industry standard XML and modern JSON APIs, allowing access to an extensive network of global partners, widening their business revenue opportunities to a much greater network than their six locations.

They have one of the best XML API links in the industry. They’re always looking for ways to integrate direct and live information straight from our systems to our partners and brokers. Alienor Izri, Revenue Manager, Ezi Car Rental

Satisfied customers who come back to Ezi Car Rental

The market In New Zealand loves Ezi Car Rental’s service. Their online reviews often remark on the friendliness of the team, the efficiency of the service and the speed of getting on the road with their rental car.

The team behind CARS+ understand car rental in more depth than their competitors do. We have a great working relationship and they’re continuing to develop technology to make it deliver more efficiency. We’re working together in partnership to make the future happen. Alienor Izri, Revenue Manager, Ezi Car Rental

Find out more about CARS+ and improve your business with customers, partners and brokers

To find out more about how you can bring CARS+ into your car rental business, contact Thermeon for a conversation with one of our friendly team members.

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