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Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer by your browser. They make it possible for a website to remember your preferences or tell if you have visited before.

What types of cookies might be used on this site?

Personalisation cookies

These help recognise you as a repeat visitor and store your preferences to make it easier next time you visit.

Analytics Cookies

These help us determine how many visitors we get to different parts of the site and where they come from. We do not identify you personally in analytics.

Site Management Cookies

These are used to maintain your session identity on the website. This allows the website to keep you logged in as you move around or if you access the website again after losing your connection.

How can I opt out of cookies?

You can choose to disable cookies from individual websites or from third parties using your browser settings. Please note that by disabling cookies, parts of the website will not work. How to disable cookies

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