How Thermeon Corporation Got Its Name

Thermeon Corporation took its name from research and development effort for turbine, meant to be used by the military.


During the late 1960s considerable design effort and preliminary testing was done on a closed cycle, turbine engine that showed promise of efficiencies greater than what was achieved with electrical power generating plants operated by public utilities. Since the proposed turbine would be operated at supercritical pressures, the turbine rotor needed only 2 or 3 stages and would be less than 8 feet in diameter. This compares to current systems with huge multiple stage turbines.  


 Unfortunately, shortly after the company was formed, the capital gains tax was increased to a point where venture capital essentially dried up. 


Since prospects for turbine development were poor, Thermeon reinvented itself, becoming a software development company dealing with both technical and business solutions. Eventually, Thermeon concentrated on the car rental market which needed efficiently engineered software.  


Our major product, CARS+, was born and today is the most efficient software in the car rental market. By efficient I mean CARS+ requires the least amount of hardware to operate, the least amount of time to learn and train new staff, and is the lowest cost product to use and to customize for demanding clients.  


Ultimately, CARS+ is designed with the simple premise of doing everything possible to help car rental operators increase their profits! 

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For over 30 years Thermeon have been a trusted specialist in car rental software, supporting businesses from global companies to independent operators. Our CARS+ software provides the most powerful online reservation and management tools to maximise rental opportunities and increase revenue.

Our teams have real-world experience in vehicle rental and booking systems, giving them the skills to provide the right solution for your business.