CARS+ provides the complete car rental management system

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CARS+ provides the complete car rental management system

Thermeon’s staff are full of car rental professionals. With that being the case, they understand the needs of auto rental operators of all sizes, and thus, have developed a system built to handle all aspects of their business.

CARS+ is the core application of the CARS+ suite of products. It serves the majority of car rental location’s needs, is hosted by Thermeon and all modules are conveniently integrated to provide you the most complete rental system possible.

It’s not just a counter system or a rental agreement system; it covers the entire rental process from reservations to accounting and reporting.

Fleet Management

At the heart of any management system for car rental managers is managing a fleet. CARS+ will ensure you can manage your fleet in a fast, accurate and consistent fashion. Your cost tracking will also improve and you’ll be able to maximise utilisation and cost control.

With comprehensive reporting functions, you can plan accordingly for both your current and future fleet. The CARS+ fleet management system supports owned and leased inventory.

One significant advantage you’ll gain is the ability to record vehicle damage and repair management. With CARS+, you know where you stand with every vehicle in your fleet.

Hosted By Thermeon

Hosting a car rental management system in house can cause several obstacles, mainly the possibility that your server will be slowed down at some point. Not to mention, the headaches that come with handling security and the infrastructure costs.

Luckily, Thermeon hosts CARS+ for you, handles security and ensures that the platform is always stable. You can use CARS+ on any PC with internet connection and with Thermeon hosting, you can remain up to date with the constant enhancements we apply. Your operations won’t have to slow down for massive upgrades, it’ll all be taken care of for you.

Integrated Accounting Functions

No car rental software system would be complete without integrated accounting functions, and CARS+ is capable of handling many aspects of accounting tasks, including:

  • Invoice
  • Billing Formats
  • Franchise links
  • Email Documents
  • Statements
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cash Receivable

By bringing total accounting integration into our software, it will ensure you accuracy and avoid costly billing errors.


CARS+ is used in over 50 countries, so needless to say, the software functions in many different languages. CARS+ is able to translate into any latin character and support multiple currencies. The software also supports multi-language rental agencies, so both locals and tourists can feel comfortable when renting.

The system reflects the majority of business structures, including sub-franchisees, multiple operating companies with a group and a limitless number of locations are supported.

Get in touch with the Thermeon team

Thermeon have committed to forming a staff comprised of car rental professionals, because only those who have worked in the industry can truly understand its needs. If you’d like to learn more about CARS+ or any additional modules Thermeon offer, don’t hesitate to contact us. With representatives in all over the world, you can be sure that we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

Thermeon’s 30 years of global experience in car rental software gives us the skills to understand your requirements, building systems that suit. CARS+ is the complete software solution to link your rental business directly to customers, partners and brokers. Call us today at: Europe, Middle East & Africa: +44 1293 864 334 / Americas: +1 (714) 731-9191 / Australia/Asia: +61 2 9846 0860 / New Zealand: +64 22 177 6242 Or email us at

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    Thermeon work with the complete car rental industry from global companies to independent operators. Our teams have real-world experience in the car rental market and are skilled in building and maintaining the right system for your business.